blu Marble by Sebastian Errazuriz

The LED structure dispicts the live stream of the Earth from space

MICRO TO NANO exhibition by Napp Studio

To discuss the actual condition of livable space in Hong Kong

Geometric Sculptures Tower Over Ryde Garden by UAP + Dion Horstmans

Inspired from geology and dramatic natural forms

每周評論精選2019.02.23 – 2019.03.01

(Only in Chinese) selected comments of the last week to present different perspective.

Sailing Castle by Cheng Tsung FENG

The enchanting scenery from the Donggang coast

A Hesitating City, China by Thewhy Art Design

Between the temptation of beauty and the reflection on reality

Performative video installation by Jean Verville architecte + KROY + Maxime Brouillet + Workshop 3500A18JV

A multidisciplinary experiment combining music, architecture, video and photography

每周評論精選2019.02.16 – 2019.02.22

(Only in Chinese) selected comments of the last week to present different perspective.

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        “in-human gardens”: two bio-digital sculptures by ecoLogicStudio

        The future forms of spatial intelligence

        teamLab holds the immense inaugural exhibition at TANK Shanghai designed by OPEN Architecture

        teamLab: Universe of Water Particles in the Tank

        Delicate and Playful Sculptures Hang Mid-Air in Pedestrian Walkway by UAP

        Balloons and polyhedrons in the air

        “When the desire lightens up” by Wanna One

        Light expresses desires

        Portrait of Hong Kong by Fan Ho

        Upcoming exhibition showcasing the last body of work of prominent photographer Fan Ho

        wHY designs indoor-outdoor art fair for inaugural Frieze Los Angeles

        A primarily experiential design that celebrates the open spirit of Los Angeles

        DESPLANS: the first online gallery dedicated to architecture

        Desplans connects the public with talented architects

        每周評論精選2019.01.26 – 2019.02.15

        (Only in Chinese) selected comments of the last two weeks to present different perspective.

        Legs by Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte

        Infinite extension of the steel structure

        Photography series by Martin Sanchez

        Visual drone art