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该项目位于新加坡著名的乌节路——同时也是亚洲最具代表性的购物大街。Design Orchard以培养新加坡新兴创意人才为目标,融合了一系列零售展示空间与创意孵化空间,旨在呈现从构思到产出的整个设计过程。

Poised at a prominent junction of Singapore’s famous Orchard Road – Asia’s most iconic shopping avenue – Design Orchard aims to nurture emerging Singaporean creative talent. Combining a retail showcase with an incubation space, the building was conceived to combine all stages of design from concept to production and from showcase to retail.

▼鸟瞰图,aerial view ©Darren Soh

在乌节路(Orchard Road)和经禧路(Cairnhill Road)的交汇处,三层高的建筑呈阶梯状逐渐下降,建筑在道路转角处的切角十分方便街道上的人们进出。屋顶的露天剧场被葱郁的花园环绕并完全向公众开放,从而将100%的场地面积归还给城市本身。

▼场地平面图,site plan

The terraced three-storey building slopes down to the junction of Orchard Road and Cairnhill Road, its angle giving it high visibility to and from the ground level. 100% of the site area is given back to the city as a publicly-accessible rooftop amphitheatre surrounded by lush gardens.

▼倾斜的公共屋顶给人一种山顶公园的感觉,the sloped forms of the publicly accessible rooftop public spaces at Design Orchard evoke the feeling of a hilltop park ©Darren Soh

▼建筑在道路转角处的切角十分方便街道上的人们进出,the building’s angle giving it high visibility to and from the ground level ©Darren Soh

▼从经禧路望向建筑,view from Cairnhill Road ©Darren Soh

Design Orchard将功能空间以创新的方式组合在一起,建筑的一层提供了通高的开放式零售空间。二层和三层是协作式的创意孵化空间,为新兴的设计师们提供了灵活而开放的创作环境。

Design Orchard offers an exciting programmatic mix, with an open-plan retail space with full-height frontage at ground level. At levels two and three, co-working style incubation spaces provide a creative environment for emerging designers within flexible open floor plates.



▼屋顶公共露台被葱郁的绿植围绕,The public rooftop amphitheatre and stage at Design Orchard are cocooned by lush tropical greenery ©Darren Soh

▼露台剧场作为市民空间将为建筑中的各类活动提供补充性的舞台,view of the rooftop public amphitheatre and stage that can set the stage for events like fashion shows a nd concerts ©Darren Soh

Atop the tiered back building form, the rooftop public space is angled to face the streetscape and forms an urban amphitheatre, cocooned by a shaded rooftop pocket park, which drapes down the rooftop and is accentuated by trees in oversized concrete pots. This civic space will also set the stage for events complementary to the building programme such as outdoor fashion shows, performances, and concerts – and an occasional ice cream kiosk – against the unique backdrop of the famed shopping street.

▼屋顶绿色空间为活动场地带来了阴凉,Rooftop public green spaces provide shade to hardscaped event areas and act as park – like spill out areas ©Darren Soh

▼景观墙细部,view of off – form concrete feature wall & rooftop public green spaces ©Darren Soh


The retail and incubation spaces are linked by an internal atrium at the front entrance which provides visual connectivity between the two spaces. At level 3, the incubator space and a caf overlook the rooftop park.

▼从经禧路望向带有圆窗的混凝土立面,View of the off – form concrete feature wall with signature “porthole ” recesses along Cairnhill Road ©Patrick Bingham – Hall

▼生机勃勃的屋顶花园,the vibrant rooftop park ©Patrick Bingham – Hall

▼屋顶平台夜景,evening view of rooftop public amphitheatre and stage ©Darren Soh


▼通向屋顶平台的主楼梯,view of the main staircase entrance to the rooftop public space ©Patrick Bingham – Hall

The three different use-cases complement each other to form one cohesive concept: the collaborative spaces provide a nurturing environment for young designers to go from concept to production, market their products at the retail spaces below, and showcase their designs with fashion and design events at the rooftop garden amphitheatre.

▼混凝土螺旋楼梯与绿植构成富有生机的交通空间,service areas are designed as visually dynamic spaces with a concrete spiral staircase and a row of tree planters ©Patrick Bingham – Hall

▼楼梯空间细部, spiral staircase ©Patrick Bingham – Hall


▼简洁而现代的材料搭配以绿植景观,a clean and modern palette of concrete, glass, timber and landscaping ©Darren Soh

Designed with a clean and modern palette of concrete, glass, timber and landscaping, the building acts as a neutral backdrop for the vibrant design and activities. Raw off-form concrete walls are strategically punctured with circular openings and inset precast concrete frames to allow light, views, ventilation and even retail displays through the concrete structure without affecting structural integrity.

▼圆形窗洞细部,circular openings ©Darren Soh

▼夜间外观,exterior night view ©Darren Soh

▼一层平面图,1st storey plan

▼二层平面图,2nd storey plan

▼三层平面图,3rd storey plan

Project Title: 3 Storey Commercial/Industrial Building as a Design Incubator for JTC at Orchard Road
Project Location: Orchard Road
Project Dates: Design Inception : Oct 2016
Start of Construction (P1) : Nov 2017
Start of Construction (P2): Feb 2018
Soft Opening: Jan 2019
Project Size: Site Area: 1841.4 sqm
Gross Floor Area: 2350 sqm
Architect & Landscape: WOHA
Project Team: Wong Mun Summ; Schirin Taraz; Jonathan Choe; Eng Cheng Hui; Jonathan Tan; Evelyn Ng
Client: JTC Corporation
Main Contractor: Sunray Woodcraft Construction Pte Ltd
Precast Contractor: LWC Alliance Pte Ltd
Rainwater Harvesting: Green Eco Harvesting Pte Ltd
Structural Engineer: Web Structures Pte Ltd
M&E Engineer: Belmacs Pte Ltd

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