Elemental House by Ben Callery Architects

A pure expression of the essence of shelter, like seeking shade under the branches of a broad tree canopy

Ment Flow Children’s Home, China by WWUD

Release children’s nature

Chenfeng Group Fashion Hub Factory Renovation, China by Joseph Dejardin

A new fashion hub for China-based designers

gooood archive: Guangzhou

Selected projects in Guangzhou, China

Sydney’s Dress Circle by Luigi Rosselli Architects

A residence has been endowed with an eagle’s nest panorama

Soligorsk Pavilion by Zrobym architects

A creative rectangle with 12 doors

The Assembly Building Exhibition Hall of of SICC, China by Narmal Design

Assemble to the end

bosie fashion store, China by Xuesong Ma

Futuristic and neutral fashion store

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        QingShe Inn, China by DL atelier

        Can tranquility and stimulation come together?

        Choice Tea, China by OYTT DESIGN

        Sit and drink fragrant tea with the love to the mountain

        A Single Family House by AFGH Architects

        A single family house allows panoramic views over the city, forests and the hill crest

        House of flying tiles by Daniel Moreno Flores

        A surprising living experience

        Holiday Apartment In Mi?dzyzdroje II by Loft Kolasiński

        Modernization of a classical European apartment

        SKY-RAIL COMMUNITY NODES by March Studio

        Colour, Characteristic, Activation , Community Connection

        Unknown City: Exhibition of Architecture, Installation and Image in Contemporary China

        Interview with the curators & a full guidance to the participants

        gooood archive: Split-level

        Selected Split-level projects

        Faces by Joseph Lee

        Everyday faces and objects

        FINE FAN Zakka & Canteen, China by Atelier A

        Reminiscent of the 1930s Shanghai stores