OceanSpot Co-Retail, China by STUDIO DOHO

An ever-changing shopping store with adaptable display system

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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STUDIO DOHO受联合零售品牌OceanSpot的委托,在上海为其设计了第一家概念店。门店位于8号桥创意中心的入口处,旨在以鲜明大胆的设计来吸引顾客,同时为创意专业人士提供别具一格的会面地点。

STUDIO DOHO was commissioned by co-retail start-up OceanSpot to design the brand’s first concept store in Shanghai.  Located at the entrance to one of the cities preeminent creative hubs, Bridge 8, the original brief called for a project that both makes a bold statement to attract consumers and serves as a distinct meeting point for creative professionals.

▼门店外观,exterior view


The exterior façade of the double-height, 127 sqm storefront was covered with a color-changing dichroic film. Circles were cut into the film to define areas for retail window displays. The result was a dynamic storefront that casts colorful “light shadows” on the surrounding sidewalk.

▼临街立面,street facade

▼从立面上切割出的圆洞定义出零售区的展示窗口,circles were cut into the film to define areas for retail window displays

▼覆盖着二向色薄膜的立面在人行道上投下多彩的光影,a dynamic storefront covered with a dichroic film casts colorful “light shadows” on the surrounding sidewalk

该设计完成于2018年秋季,其主要挑战在于,要找到一种富有创意的方式为店面赋予独特性,并且尽可能地减少对既有玻璃立面的影响。主创设计师Xin Dogterom和Jason Holland表示:“在第一次看到二向色薄膜样品的时候,我们就知道它将成为表达该项目精髓的完美材料,同时还能够将对既有店面的影响降至最低。最终,项目以一种我们从未想象过的方式焕发出新生。”

Completed in Fall of 2018, a key challenge was finding a creative way to differentiate the storefront, while limiting the impact on the existing glass façade. Lead designers Xin Dogterom and Jason Holland said, “When we first saw the dichroic film samples we knew it would be the perfect material to capture the essence of this project with minimal impact to the existing storefront; when it was installed, it brought the project to life in ways we never could have imagined.”

▼薄膜在为店面赋予独特性的同时尽可能减少了对既有玻璃立面的影响,the use of dichroic film differentiates the storefront while limiting the impact on the existing glass façade

OceanSpot作为联合零售品牌,会基于特定的主题来策划购物体验。对此,Xin Dogterom表示:“全世界的实体零售行业都在迅速地变化,而中国也许是变化速度最快的地方。网上购物的普及性和便利性迫使着品牌和设计师们去重新思考传统的购物要素。Jason Holland补充道:“这为强调购物体验的品牌提供了契机,它能够在吸引消费者的同时,成为一个独一无二而又不断变化的购物目的地。”

OceanSpot serves as a co-retailer that creates curated retail experiences based on specific themes. Xin (Dutch-Chinese) said, “Brick-and-mortar retail is changing quickly around the world, but perhaps no-where faster than China. The prevalence and convenience of online shopping has forced both brands and designers to re-think traditional shopping elements.” Jason (USA) continued, “This has allowed opportunities for experience-base shopping, which engages the consumer and becomes a unique and ever-changing destination.”

▼室内空间概览,interior overview

▼咖啡区,cafe area

▼展示墙和立柱,displaying wall and column


▼展示墙设计示意,display design concept

To accommodate ever-changing retail display, a series of wood and metal grids were installed on the interior walls and columns.  A bespoke shelf and hook system was fabricated, which was be inserted in an unlimited number of combinations, based on the needs of the product.

▼架子和挂钩系统能够以不同方式插入网格,以适应多种展示需要,the shelf and hook system can be inserted to the grids to achieve an unlimited number of combinations

▼窗边展示区,display area beside the window

▼网格墙细部,detailed view of the grid

The Coffee Academics咖啡厅的工艺吧台为多样化的空间提供了背景,在优化购物体验的同时,也为在商业楼里工作的创意人士提供了聚会的焦点。

A craft coffee bar operated by The Coffee Academics, provides the backdrop to the diverse space and elevates the shopping experience, while providing a focal point for the creative professionals working in the complex.

▼咖啡吧台为多样化的空间提供了背景,the craft coffee bar provides the backdrop to the diverse space

▼吧台墙面细部,coffee bar detail

▼设计概念图,design concept


Project name: OceanSpot Co-Retail
Website: www.studiodoho.com
Contact e-mail: [email protected]
Design year & Completion Year: Fall 2018
Lead Designers: Xin Dogterom and Jason Holland
Project location: Shanghai, China
Gross Built Area: 127 sqm
Photo credits: Seth Powers Photography
Clients: Lifestyle Creating
Brands/Products used in the project: 3M Dichroic Film, Fiemme 3000 Wood floor, Staxx Furniture

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