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Campus of Belval by Inessa Hansch Architecte

The public walkable space inside the industrial area

Letzibach Sub-Development C by Adrian Streich Architekten AG

A building type specific to a track site

Hangzhou’s southern railway station, China by gmp

The second transport building by gmp in China

Maapilim Popup Store by Craft & Bloom

A calming corner in bustle city inspired by Grecian rooftop gardens

gooood archive: Pool

Selected pool projects

Suzhou Jiangjiaban Buddha Statue Exhibition Space, China by TEAM_BLDG

Suzhou gardens transformed into a quiet, peaceful and restrained exhibition space

“MAD X” opened at the Centre Pompidou in Paris

Models of 10 projects by MAD witness the firm’s practice for the past 15 years

Complex Building of Zhejiang University Ningbo Institute of Technology, China by The Architectural Design & Research Institute of Zhejiang University

A model to lead the future campus architectures

Daily by Sivak+Partners

Differential spaces between public and intimacy

Chapel by MáS

A wedding chapel designed by architects for their own wedding

Raytrace by LAYER + Cosentino

Refracting the caustic light pattern on the white panel

House O by Alexis Dornier

Sound wave forms the architecture shape and the interior like the space inside an instrument

The Museum of Modern Art of Tianjin Binhai Cultural Center, China by gmp

Space for art (images and description updated)

Rosewood Hotel in Bangkok by KPF

The prominent geometric form and indoor vertical gardens

Renovation of Songjiagou Village by China New Rural Planning and Design

A systematic intervention in rural area

The Design Of Office Space in Baishaquan, China by Hangzhou Ju He architecture design firm

The transparent facade and continuous spaces

Twelve Pieces of Poems for BY JOVE, China by Mur Mur Lab

Blue and white are interwoven together to compose poem of the space

Living Art Pavilion, China by MOZHAO ARCHITECTS

A furniture store linked with a tea house