The Circular Garden by CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati

Growing a building like a mushroom

gooood archive: Sculpture

Selected sculpture projects

Urban Interiority by SCSTUDIO Architecture and Design

A research project on the notion of interiority from the perspective of the city

Connecting Vessel by Vector Architects

To present the vivid and peculiar growing progress of a building at the Venice Biennale

“Resonance” Installation by VAVE Studio + Cheil Worldwide

Be bold. Resonate with soul.

Mirri Site-Specific Sculpture by UAP

The bold pattern and the vivid palette create a dazzling sculpture


The empty and the solid

“Sense of presence” by Yuxin Wu

The gentle blend and lyric expression of mood, body and place as a whole

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        Knoll Celebrates Bauhaus by OMA/Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli + Domitilla Dardi

        To give theatrical form to the multiple relations that connect the emblematic histories of the Bauhaus and Knoll

        The Cloud Maze, China by RSAA/ Büro Ziyu Zhuang

        Return to real life and re-recognize ourselves in this metaphorical city

        From the Structures – Mario Tsai Solo Exhibition

        To express the important role of design in the process of adapting and controlling modern processing techniques and material properties

        Criticality, China by ZXD ARCHITECTS

        The chaos during the state transition of the urban ontology

        “MAKING DOHA 1950-2030” by OMA/AMO + Fatma Al Sehlawi (Atlas Bookstore)

        AMO-designed and curated exhibition opens at the National Museum Of Qatar

        “Americans” by Studio Joseph

        A modern and dynamic multi-media display of history and popular culture as never seen before

        Poltrona Frau paper installation by Out & In Interior Design Office

        The elegant pleats of paper, wrapping the warm light and shadow

        Our Fantastic Death by Crayons by Victor Koroma

        It replaces the ammunition fired from a tool that kills with ammunition that creates

        Interactive site specific light installation by Pekka Niittyvirta + Timo Aho

        Interacting with the rising tidal changes