Overseas NO.79: Haoyang Wang

The No.79 episode is about Haoyang Wang who graduated from University of Pennsylvania

Project Specs


A bosom friend afar brings distant land near. The Oversea album shares the lives of Chinese living abroad with all. The No.79 episode is about Haoyang Wang who graduated from University of Pennsylvania.


Why going aboard?


I hope to make something unpredictable for myself. Coming to US, for me, raises a lot of uncertainty which sometimes means possibilities to make anything happen.


What impressed you the most when you are abroad?


The intensity and stress when I started the grad school here. Going back home at 3am in the morning somehow becomes usual.


What do you miss the most about China?




Will you come back China? Why?


I think I will someday. Most of my families are in China and I see great opportunities there although the market sometimes undulates.


Is it more distinct to view China in a different environment after going abroad? Any thought?


Yes. Every culture has its own value and trajectory of development. There is no absolute standard applied everywhere. In different settings we may get conflicted answers to certain questions. For me, it is more important to understand the reasons behind certain phenomenon in different settings and see if I can do something to help.


What makes the curriculum of your school different from other architecture schools?


Critical thinking and embracing individual identity.


Who is your favorite artist (in wider range such as art, music, movie)? What is the influence?


Thomas Cole. I like his poetic depiction of the landscape. You are looking into a landscape from a distance but feeling like being in it. The color and texture in his landscape paint remind me of the beauty and the power of nature which I am always learning to respect.


What fascinates viewers the most in your portfolio in your opinion?


I sometimes like to exaggerate how the image is presented.


When did you start to follow gooood? Any suggestions?


I know this website when I was in college. I see a lot of interesting project opportunities on the website. However, these opportunities are only open to firms. I hope there is another mechanism to build up the linkage between independent designers and potential projects.







The Interface


This project is in Shanghai. The city is fascinating to me not only because of the rich texture in its physical composition but also because of its capacity to embrace different cultural identities. I want to capture this kind of characteristic in this one.


The site is located in the middle part of an island which is 30 mins drive from central city and is expected to be fully developed in the future. Its potential has been gradually realized after carefully experiencing it and “being lost” in the field. Instead of blowing away the immersive agricultural production fields, I try to think of a way to benefit the agriculture and plug in new possibilities.The mobility system is organized along existing water channels on site. This arrangement slows down the movement and reinforce the experience within the territory. Hope it can be involved in a dynamic process and capture future possibilities instead of freezing it in a certain way.




The Megastructural Landscape: In Between


Hurricanes has always been an issue along the shoreline, sometimes devastating millions of homes. In response to this, the project aims to balance human settlement and sea along the entire Jersey Shore.


By dredging the soil and relocating it, an undulated landscape is created as a buffer to the shoreline. Also, as a consequence of dredging, water channels and ponds were created for flood distribution. Those large water surface will be used to produce freshwater as well as salt. Then architectural form appears as skeletons, weaving through the landscape. The building typology also addresses wave attenuation.


It is interesting for me to see how form-making process can manifest itself on mega-regional strategies.




Life of Light
Team: Haoyang Wang, Jie Xu, Hang Su, Jiaqi Wang


Similar to the Jersey Shore Project, we want to address the question of adaptation to the sea level rise. This time, we zoom into Atlantic City. According to the National Ocean and Atmosphere Administration (NOAA), the city will be inundated if the sea level continues to rise about 6 ft. We worked out a synchronized strategy to create new urban structure while the old one being devastated.


We try to identify some important nodes throughout the city based on the inundation level and to make infrastructural connections between those nodes gradually. Those nodes are designed as multi-functional lighthouses. Features such as desalination membrane, wind energy generator, solar panel and so forth will be gradually added onto the lighthouse based on need. Those nodes will provide temporary shelters and direct people to evacuate in emergent conditions. We call it Life of Light.


We are expecting a new city emerges itself through the framework and become more resilient, more efficient and more productive.




Transformative Barrier


Lehigh Viaduct in Philly once played an important role in the industrial past of North Philadelphia. It brought millions of tons of anthracites from upstate Pennsylvania to Delaware river for shipping along the coast and around the world. As coal business collapsed in 1950s, Lehigh Viaduct gradually lost it function and identities. Now most of the tracks are abandoned. It is like a physical barrier, cutting through the city. I wish to turn the opposing relationship with the surrounding into a harmonious one without taking the viaduct away.


Problems introduced by this physical barrier such as poor access to healthy food and waterfront have also been rendered as opportunities. By physically changing the edge condition and bringing activities onto the viaduct, this abandoned human artifact is expected to become the central spine for North Philadelphia that catalyzes the urban life and brings it to the waterfront.




Scaffolding 01&02


This is a competition entry. The site selected for the competition is a place formerly known as Ozone Park Station along Queensway. It is about 15 ft above the ground, 50 ft wide. The existing steel structure is interesting to me as the manifestation of its original identity. The idea is to use this structure as scaffolding to redefine space and to create a dialogue between the old and the new.


Two commercial areas under the structure are proposed, facing different streets and encourage different ways for people to get onto the structure and experience along this linear surface. A series of moving gardens are created in order to recall the memory of trains passing by and provide flexibility for activities.




Nashville in Equilibrium
Team:Haoyang Wang, Yirui Pan, Linyu Liu, Ming-chang Liu, Jing Peng


The one is an urban development project in Nashville, Tennessee. It is a city that plays an important role in American country music. There is a music street in the site that goes diagonally to the waterfront. As a response, we hope to incorporate the characters of the city and the dynamism it presents into the real-estate development.


There is a flooding issue here. A resilient environment is created by integrating green and blue space into the urban texture. Also, we hope to facilitate a sense of stewardship to make local community safe and healthy with strong engagement into public realm. In order to achieve that, a series of activity hotspots featured by basketball court, playground, water pool and so on are proposed to be shared by various groups of people, which will bring vibrancy to the urban life, making Nashville a fun place to visit and to live.
The development is conducted in three phases with Phase 1 being a money maker. After this, we start to invest more into public realm, such as affordable housing, education and green space.




The Playhouse
Team:Haoyang Wang, Yirui Pan, Linyu Liu, Ming-chang Liu, Jing Peng


This is a fun thinking experience for me.  I want to create an adventurous experience for kids, not only just for play but also for nurturing dreams. Because of the scale, the playhouse is exclusively designed for children to enter. As a result, it becomes a place to encourage, inspire and protect the dreams.


Natural light seeps through the gap of the roof, creating an inspiring setting. A drawing board wraps around the interior space for documenting and communicating ideas and feelings. From the moment kids start to interact with the space, the journey of their own adventure takes on.


Professionally, most projects I recently participate or lead come from China, ranging from urban regeneration to regional strategy. The market becomes very competitive and requires us to think about place-making at a higher level as the environmental and social values starts to weighs more on our living experience.




Lianjiang Park
with SWA


In the Lianjiang Park project, we fully recognize the value of village ecology and community which existed before the urbanization and transfer and consolidate that value that sometimes can be easily lost especially in a high-paced, economic-driven development.




Hanzheng Street Central Green Axis
with SWA


In the Hanzheng Street Central Green Axis project, we are creating a medium for new urban infrastructure, local culture, environmental awareness to overlay and play out, linking different aspects of urban life. It is very exciting to build something on these existing values. Sometimes we get to redefine and balance those values on site-specific conditions.




Hengqin Exchange Plaza
with A&N+


In the Hengqin project, we need to figure out a way to facilitate a commercial atmosphere in a green setting. By weaving through the green, we try to shift the paradigm and perception of what a commercial plaza could be and how it will benefit local community.




Other Works

联系方式:[email protected]
When: 2012-2018
Where: U.S.
Who: Haoyang Wang
From: Anhui
School: University of Pennsylvania
Contact: [email protected]

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